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Brainitor is the result of a personal painful story of a close friend of mine. It's all started 2015. he was in the top of the world and I felt that nothing can stop him. Strong, Attractive, And willing to concur the world. But something bad happened. his life as once he lived have changed forever. his brain stop to function normally. he was suffering from a foggy brain. Daily use of one year in a row of cannabis for "High" purpose(Not Medicl purpose) hit him eventually. he was suffering from extremely hard symptoms of "foggy brain". Hard to stay focus, memory problem, Slow thinking, Lack of motivation, anxiety, depression... Name it - he had it. It was a painful time. he lost himself. He couldn't function properly.

Suffering from brain fog / foggy brain?Brainitor as a solution for brain fog

What is brain fog / foggy brain?

Foggu Brain is not a medically recognized term but is a commonly used phrase that sums up feelings of confusion, forgetfulness, lack of motivation and energy, and a lack of focus and mental clarity. Having brain fog is fairly common, but it’s not normal.

Why It’s Happening To You?

There are numerous explanations for why Foggy Brain occurs. Once you identify the underlying cause, you can begin fixing the problem. Here are possible causes: Cunsuming Cannabis for “high” purpose, Stress, Bad Diet, Lack of sleep, Hormonal Imbalance, Medical conditions and more... Foggy Brain affects a variety of mental processes, including memory, concentration, ability to solve problems, ability to learn new information, reaction speed, mental clarity and more... Makes your Cognitive functions not performs at their best

suffering from foggy brain?

It was a scary time. if we know that his brain is suffering. If we only monitor it and check once a while that his cognitive functions are working well. If we knew what we know now... His life could have been much better with less pain.

So after 2 years of research. We understood that daily use of stressor(use of cannabis for "high" purpose, Stress, SAD diet, etc...), Can make serially damage to our sensitive cognitive functions.

So we decided to share our story. To spread the words and contribute our time to help people around the world to become more aware of the damage we causing to our cognitive function and providing the best online assessment tool that will help them to monitor their cognitive functions - Meet Brainitor

How Brainitor can help you?

Brainitor was designed to allow the user to monitor his cognitive performance quickly, easily, from any device and for free. Every time you take an assessment. Your data is saved. You can compare your results against yourself and see if you make any positive or negative progress via a state of the art comparing design views.

In addition, Brainitor allows you to receive automatic signals as soon as the system detects a change in your progress. Also, you have the option to compare yourself to other people around the world.

How Brainitor can help you heal from brain gof
Brainitor free forever
Free forever

We care about your cognitive performance, This is why we offer a FREE assessment kit

Brainitor Supports all devices
Supports all devices

Brainitor is a browser web app so It's available through all for of devices and OS.

Brainitor Easy comparison
Easy comparison

We keeps our design simple and clear so it will be easy for you to track your results

Brainitor Professional health coaching
Professional help

If you feeling the need to make a recovery and a healthy lifestyle change. Feel free to set a "Free coaching session"

Today, we provide a Free Online cognitive assessment tool that helps people all over the world to become more aware of their most important organ ever - Their Brain.

Sincerely yours,

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